A journey with Netanel & Dj Aditya


A journey with Netanel & Dj Aditya

Open heart medicines

 A weekend of prayer, singing, ecstatic dance & cacao 

in a beautiful yurt in nature

"Singing has the power to heal worlds.

It goes beyond the walls that divide, dissolving those walls

and entering straight into the core of the heart." Netanel

We are delighted to invite you to a journey into the heart with our special guest !

We already had the privilege to participe to Netanel's journeys and feel such a great joy to welcome him and his bright energy in our center ! 

The weekend will be taking place in a beautiful setting surrounded by nature. All the workshops will be happening in a yurt, as our intention is to create an intimate sacred space to be together and dive in.

A deep weekend of p​rayer, singing & dancing


True to my heart concert with Netanel

Netanel is a mentor of soul singing ceremonies around the world. He creates a space that allows a deep and powerful connection with what lives within us and the opportunity to give it expression with our voice, heart, body & soul.

Netanel has created alternatives spaces for prayer for all faith and religions, for men and women from all over the world to connect and bring healing to themselves and the world. His concerts and workshops are deep and transformative heart opening journeys. They create unconditional love and presence towards everything that is ; within us and in the sacred space created. 

Netanel Goldberg - Prayer for Healing אל נא רפא נא לה [ Live in Zurich ]


True to my heart workshop with Netanel and his wife Anva

Music & singing will be the tools to guide us on this sacred journey, empower us and deepen our experience of life. We will become witnesses to the processes/stories that we all go through. We will pray, out loud, in silence, in our hearts, and in our bodies. 

We will allow the divine to move through us and generate true transformation. Sacred transmutation. This is a sacred space of life. Gentle, beautiful, vulnerable, and powerful. This is a journey of great kindness and grace, for both ourselves and for the entire world.

Some tools we will be working with:

  • Authentic expression of our voice, body, and prayer.
  • Planting seeds of intention and bringing them to fruition in our lives.
  • Encounter with our inner child.
  • Giving and receiving recognition: to what is alive in us right now; to our individual experiences throughout life. 
  • Honest and intentional sharing circles (inspired by the wisdom of Native American listening circles).
  • Shedding the armor that prevents us from experiencing life to its fullest: how can we live a life of revelation and walk through this world with an open and loving heart? 
  • Singing from the heart and with intention: how this impacts each person and the entire world.
  • Experimenting with healing intimacy: with ourselves and with those around us.
  • Authentic and releasing movement.
  • Intuitive writing: writing creates reality.


Cacao flow & ecstatic dance with the Aurora center's tribe

We will start the day by using the beautiful medecine of cacao to keep grounding the seeds of our prayers deep within. More than a ceremony, it will be a cacao flow - allowing us to drop the structure and expectations, to be tuned & present to the magic of the moment and open to its unfoldment. 

The Ecstatic dance will be facilitated by Dj Aditya, whose intention is to connect dancers to their innate light and powerful nature, through dance journeys that are groovy, tribal, joyful & deep! He will share the dancefloor with Cyril, who will enhance the DJ set with live saxophone & djembe ! 

Tickets & practical infos

We are happy to offer you several options to suit your needs for the best ! Our center has room for 35 people to sleep over ; book your ticket fast to make sure you're on board :)


What's included :

  • The concert, the workshop, the ecstatic dance & cacao flow
  • The accomodation
  1. The first 23 people to book will be staying in a shared room of 2, 3 or 9 people
  2. The next 7 people to book will be staying in a dorm of 8 people near the guesthouse. Matresses, pillows ans blankets will be provided
  3. The last 6 people to book will sleep in their own tent
  • 6 delicious vegetarian meals (from friday's dinner to sunday's lunch)
  • An amazing space in nature, an intimate encounter with Netanel; Anva and the Aurora center's community members, time to rest, breath and connect between the workshops

Prices :

  • Early bird (sign in before june 25th) : 350 euros
  • Normal price after june 25th : 380 euros


* For the menu a la carte, we don't provide food & accomodation (besides friday's dinner). If you'd like to stay at our place, please book the week-end option

  • The appetizer : join us for the concert and a delicious vegetarian dinner for 65 euros (dinner from 6:30pm and the concert at 8:30pm)
  • The main course : join us for the full day workshop with Netanel for 150 euros
  • The dessert : join us for the ecstatic dance and cacao flow for 50 euros

Get in touch with Anouchka if you have any questions (english & french) : 

Phone : +32/492 08 83 89

Email : drouin_anouchka@hotmail.com

We look forward to share those magical moments with you ! With love, Aurora center's team


Date et heure
vendredi 19 juillet 2024
Commence à 20:00 (Europe/Paris)
dimanche 21 juillet 2024
Fin - 18:00 (Europe/Paris)

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